The Perfec-Tee

The Perfec-Tee

The Perfec-Tee, US Patent 9,381,416, is designed to help batters of all levels practice a proper swing with instant feedback on each attempt.

  • Perfect Practice: The perfec-tee was invented to do just that.  The most difficult thing about doing tee work alone is that you can't always tell if you are swinging properly.  The Perfec-Tee uses two strategically positioned guides to assist a batter in consistently producing a proper swing path with instant feedback on every swing. 
  • Consistent Contact:  The key to consistently hitting the ball is keeping the bat barrel in the hitting zone as long as possible.  The Perfec-Tee promotes a proper bat path, and it assists the batter in keeping the bat barrel in the hitting zone as long as possible.

  • Bat Speed: The key to bat speed is to be able to pull your hands through the hitting zone as quickly as possible.  The Perfec-Tee promotes bat speed by forcing the batter to take a direct path to the ball, eliminating extra motion and allowing the batter to build more bat speed.

  • Power: The key to power is engaging the lower half and getting all the way through the baseball. The front guide helps prevent hitters from chopping down on the ball and forces them to extend through contact.

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